Elsevier Author Workshop-How to Write a Scientific Paper

10 September 12

Faculty of Arts and Letters hosts Elsevier Author Workshop -How to Write a Scientific Paper and Get it Pubished at 14:00 on 13 September 2012. David SLEEMAN, Editor in Chief of Elsevier, is going to make a presentation about the fundamentals of writing a scientific paper and getting it published. The participation is free of charge and the event is open for the academic staff and the researchers.

As the world’s leading provider of science and health information, Elsevier serves more than 30 million scientists, students and health and information professionals worldwide. It is a global community of 7,000 journal editors, 70,000 editorial board members, 300,000 reviewers and 600,000 authors.

Click here to learn more about the workshop.

Note: Those whoı want to participate the event should register at https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/J5TRNSP until 12 September 2012.

Hitit University Rectorate

Hitit University Rectorate
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