International Symposium on Meskhetian Turks will be held

10 November 14

“International Symposium on Meskhetian Turks in the 70th year of Exile” will be held by our university in 14-15 November 2014. The aim of the international event is to support Meskhetian Turks preserving their national cultural identity by creating awareness about Meskhetian Turks who were exiled during the Second World War (1944). Therefore, it is aimed that proceedings presented and views discussed will contribute to the scientific evaluation of Meskhetian Turks within the framework of past, present and future; detecting problems and offering solutions; strengthening the social, cultural and economic connections between relative communities.

The symposium will be organized with the cooperation of our university, Republic of Turkey Prime Ministry Turks Abroad and Relative Communities Presidency, TİKA, TRT, Çorum Mayor, Çorum Governorate, ÇTSO Presidency and Association of Meskhetian Turks in World (DATÜB). It will mainly include such subjects as Meskhetian Turks in Ottoman, cultural richness of Meskhetian Turks, novels on Meskhetian Turks, present situation of Meskhetian Turks, educational problems of Meskhetian youth, struggles to return country from exile, Meskhetian Turks worldwide and Meskhetian Turks in terms of international law.

Deputy Prime Minister of Turkey Prof Dr Numan Kurtulmuş, AK Party Çorum Parliamentarian and  GNAT Administrator Salim Uslu, Director of Association of Meskhetian Turks in World Ziyaddin İsmihanoğlu Kassanov,

the National Assembly of Azerbaijan Republic 3rd term Parliamentarian Ganire Paşayeva, Georgia Parliamentarian Azer Süleymanov, Ambassador of Eritrea Fırat Sunel, AK Party Kahramanmaraş Parliamentarian and Director of Union of Turkish Parliamentarians Nevzat Pakdil, Head of Higher Education Council Supervisory Board and Deputy Chairman of Association of Meskhetian Turks in World Prof. Dr. İlyas Doğan, many local and international researchers and living witnesses of exile will attend the symposium which will last for 2 days.

Furthermore, the symposium will include social and cultural activities such as Meskhetian Turks music concert, Meskhetian Turks cuisine,  short film “Meskhetian Turks in the 70th year of Exile” and art exhibition “Meskhetian Exile” by executive editor of the journal Our Meskhetian Yunus Zeyrek.

Please visit the website of the symposium for detailed information about the symposium to which all members of the community are invited to attend.


Hitit University Rectorate
Kuzey Kampüsü Çevre Yolu Bulvarı 19030 Çorum / TURKEY