TUBITAK’s “Digital” Support to Education

03 November 14

With the support of TUBITAK, e-course contents including academic e-books and videos will be prepared for associate, bachelor, master students, financial support up to 120.000 TL will be provided for those who prepare digital educational content.


TUBITAK has proposed call for two programs with the aim of meeting the demand for academic sources, enabling access of all the students to modernized rich course materials and promoting the quality of education.

TUBITAK Science and Society Department Books Division will support “5000 Academic e-course” and “5000 Academic e-book” and e-book and e-course contents. The deadline for the projects is December 31, 2014.

Access to digital contents will be free


Turkish sources will be increased and there will be course materials pool for associate, bachelor, master students by the call programs. Academicians will be encouraged to produce Turkish works and rich academic sources will become varied and qualified. Course materials will be accessible free and online for all the students. Also, academic staff will be able to benefit from the works prepared. Original drawings, animation, simulation, presentation, experiment, photograph, project based teaching methods, video and interactive applications will be used in digital education contents with the aim of assisting instruction.


Royalty payment will be made for the works


The applicants have to hold PhD degree, attend training or teaching activity in the related field at bachelor’s and master’s level. The amount of support provided by TUBITAK will be determined according to the content and needs of the call. Within the scope of calls for academic e-book and e-course, financial support up to 120.000 TL will be provided with the exception of royalty. Royalty payment up to 50.000 TL will be made for the possessors of e-books and e-courses.


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