Access for Horizon 2020 Program opened for Turkish Research Community

08 January 15

Turkey has had full access right to “Horizon 2020 (H2020)" which is EU seven-year Research and Innovation programme by signing an agreement in 2014. 1.097 organizations in Turkey participated 1.012 projects having a total 2,8 billion Euro portfolio between 2007-2013. It is assumed that nearly €80 billion of funding will be provided to the consortium and individual projects from all around Europe till 2020. The projects will be funded financially after evaluated in terms of scientific excellence, effect and application criteria. 

Which institutions can benefit from Horizon 2020?

·         Industrial enterprises, SME (Small and Medium Sized Enterprises), SME Associations

·         Individual Researchers, Universities, Research Institutes, Research Centres, Public Institutions

·         Nongovernmental Organizations, International Organizations,


Which projects will be supported within H2020?

1.     Societal Challenges: Mostly multi-disciplinary and multi-partnered  researches on society and citizens (environment, energy, food, health, security, social sciences and transportation)

2.     Industrial Leadership and Rivalry: Multi-disciplinary and multi-partnered  researches on subjects which contribute to the technological development of European industry (nanotechnology, advanced materials, advanced manufacture, production technologies, information and communication technologies, biotechnology, space, innovation and risk finance in SME)

3.     Scientific Excellence: Programs which enable science in World standards, develop talented researchers’ careers, attract them to stay in Europe, provide the suitable conditions for them and provide support the development of research infrastructure ( Europe Research Council, Marie Skladowska Curie,

Research Infrastructure, New and Developing Technologies)


Such supports as matching through calls and forming excellence centers are available for countries as Turkey that would like to increase performance in EU Framework Programs.


How can one benefit from the supports and awards within the scope of TÜBİTAK Support and Award Programs for International Cooperation Encouragement?

With the aim of increasing the attendance and admission rates within  the scope of TÜBİTAK Support and Award Programs for International Cooperation Encouragement;

1.     Travel support for Project bazaars, information days, consortium meetings organized within  the scope of H2020,

2.     Pre-assessment service support from experts to increase the chance of success of Project proposals in ERC Projects, Marie Skladowska-Curie Programs,

3.     Support package for being coordinator including travel support for your being the coordinator in multi-partnered projects, organization support, project writing- presenting training, project pre-assessment support,

4.     Qualified award for your projects evaluated as qualified but not supported within  the scope of H2020,

5.     Success award evaluated according to  the kind and budget of the project for your supported projects as partner,, coordinator or head researcher within  the scope of H2020.


Where can one receive support?

•         National Contact Point responsible for related field, you can contact with <>

•         You can contact with EU/ Project/ Technology Transfer Office if you are in a university

•         You can contact with the owners of the previous supported projects  <>

For detailed information;

TÜBİTAK H2020 web page <>

European Commission H2020 web page<>


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