Scientific Research Projects I. Term Applications for 2015

02 February 15

The applications for;

·         19001-General Research Project

·         19003-Scientific Encouragement Project for Assistant Professors

·         19005-University Sector  Cooperation Project

·         19006-International Research Project

will be accepted between 01-28 February 2015 by Scientific Research Projects Unit of our university. The applications and all the other processes will be in accordance with the “Hitit University Scientific Research Projects Directive” approved by University Senate on November 20, 2014.

The applications for the projects will be online on the address, through the automation system of Scientific Research Projects Unit. Providing the terms of the directive, academic staffs are supposed to apply via automation system and submit two signed copies of the application form and attachments to the related unit (Rectorate/Deanery/Directorate).

The applications will be evaluated by the head of the related department in accordance with the directive and sent to Scientific Research Projects Unit. 

Hitit University Rectorate
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