Around 25.000 TL Support for our Academic Staff by Small and Medium Enterprises Development Organization

21 June 15

Dear Academic Staff of our University,

Within the framework of university-sector collaboration, consulting services to SME (small and medium sized enterprises) will be supported by KOSGEB (Small and Medium Enterprises Development Organization). In accordance with the regulations of KOSGEB, the support is provided through two separate support programmes.

-R&D and Innovation Programme - minimum 12 (twelve), maximum 24 (twenty four) months


  • It includes the consulting services expenses of SMEs regarding technical, design, finance, Project management issues from universities.
  • The consulting service includes only the cost of consulting. It does not include the expenses of catering, accommodation and transportation.
  • Upon finishing the consulting service, the enterprise prepares and presents R&D and Innovation Programme Final Project of Consulting Service to KOSGEB.
  • The upper limit of the support is 25.000 TL and the ratio of support is 75%.


  • It includes the consulting services expenses of enterprises regarding project preparation to benefit from General Management, EU and other international resources, Working Plan Preparation, Investment, Marketing, Production, Human Resources, Financial Issues, Computer and Information Technologies, Energy Technologies, Modern Technics and Technologies, Product Design Certification within the concept of CE.
  • Within the support, the duration of consulting service for each issue is minimum 20 days and the cost of support is 4.000 TL and the ratio of support is 60%.
Hitit University Rectorate
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