Application Results of Foreign Students

22 July 15

Dear International Applicants;

Applications of the international students who would like to study at our university have been evaluated and the names of the students in preliminary lists have been determined. If the students whose applications have been accepted do not register, supplementary students will have the right to register.

 Preliminary lists


Exact Registration

Registration will be open at Hitit University Directorate of Student Affairs between the dates of 31 August-04 October, 2015. Please see the required documents for registration below.


Required Documents for Registration

1) The original copy of the High School diploma and diploma equivalency certificate which complies with the diplomas taken from Turkish high schools. Student can get this certificate from Ministry of Education or a Turkish Embassy in foreign countries,

2) The original copy of the applicant’s transcript of records which is translated into Turkish and approved by a notary or a Turkish Embassy in foreign countries,

3) The original copy of the Exam Score Sheet (applicants who take international exams will provide this),

4) Identity card or passport,

5) The education fees will be announced after determined by Council of Ministers,

6) The original copy of the Certificate in Turkish Proficiency (if the student has taken an exam),

7) 2 passport-size photos

8) The bank account (at least two thousand US Dollars) or an equivalent amount of formal assurance document  as Sufficient Financial Assurance Amount to maintain their education


Important Notes on Registration

1. Students who are in the preliminary list and received acceptance letter must submit the original copies of the documents they submitted during application,

2. Students must apply in person; registration via snail mail is not accepted,

3. If any of the required documents are missing, registration will not be made,

4. Applicants who miss the deadline for registration cannot make a claim on late registration.

You may visit   in order to get further information about the place and process of registration. 


Place of Registration

Hitit University Directorate of Student Affairs North Campus Çorum/TÜRKİYE



             0364 219 20 66 (tel)

             0364 219 20 89 (fax)

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Hitit University Rectorate
Kuzey Kampüsü Çevre Yolu Bulvarı 19030 Çorum / TURKEY