The Dormitory Applications of Credit and Dormitories Institution Will End Today

17 August 15

After the announcement of university exam results and university placement procedures, the applications of the students who will stay in the dormitories of credit and dormitories institution started to be taken on 10th August, 2015.,

Youth and Sports Ministry reminds with the written statement that the dormitory applications will end at 23: 59, today (17 August 2015, Monday night) and the students who enrolled to a university for the first time and studied in the intermediate classes will benefit from the applications taken over the internet.

The students Who Will Make Their Applications Later

The students who will be admitted to a university with the special talent exam, participate in the graduate programs, make undergraduate and vertical transfer in the 2015-2016 academic year and extend the duration of the study will make their applications later.

11 State Institutions Will Confirm the Informatıon

The conditions of all the applicants will be evaluated in accordance with the information obtained by 11 state institutions. The results of the dormitory applications will be announced soon.

The Applications Who Will Not Be Assessed

The dormitory applications of the students who are not enrolled to a formal education, punished with  ‘permanent exclusion’ from the institution and other official ınstitutions, have the criminal records except the negligent crime, have mental retardation problems, located in the municipality where the school is located family residence, have the permanent jobs incomes  will not be assessed. 

Hitit University Rectorate
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