Faculty of Tourism in Hitit University Opened

27 August 15

Our university’s proposal for the establishment of the Faculty of Tourism was accepted by the Council of Ministers with the publication date August 27, 2015 in the Official Gazette No. 29458 and the number of faculties in our university reached 8. By this way, 28th Tourism Faculty which educates students at the level of bachelor degree in the field of Tourism was established in our city.

Our university with 9 years of experience continues to develop with 8 faculties including new faculty opened, 3 institutes, 2 schools, 7 vocational schools and 11 research and application centers.

ÖSYM(Student Selection and Placement Center) allocated quotas for a total of 4,973 for the Tourism Faculty in 2015 and the occupancy rate in these schools reached 92,10% in the first placement. Opened with the approach of employment-oriented, the students who will graduate from the Faculty of Tourism can establish


  • Hospitality Management,
  • Travel business,
  • Food and beverage companies,
  • Culture and Tourism Ministry,
  • Souvenir shops,
  • Animation and entertainment businesses,
  • Independent businesses (their own business).
  • They can also find job opportunities in academic cadres in Tourism Education Institutes.


Our city at the center of the Hittite Civilization has a great wealth in terms of cultural tourism with its historical, cultural and geographical features. Its historical architecture and unique cultural charm of the concrete-abstract values, our city hosts both domestic and foreign visitors every year. Tempting the discovery of the present value and mobilizing the tourism potential, the Faculty of Tourism will no doubt contribute to the development of our city.

Prof. Dr. Mustafa Bıyık has been assigned as the dean of the Tourism Faculty by proxy.


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