Post graduate Programmes Waiting For You

03 August 15

Graduate education and the training of qualified manpower are strategically one of important issues for the countries. The experience gained during postgraduate education improves personal development and broaden the student’s horizon in addition to contributing to the economic, social political, technical and cultural development of the society. Furthermore, postgraduate education provides qualified academic staff for our universities. In accordance with this point of view, the Institutes of our University offer postgraduate education with newly opened departments to an increasing number of students.

Our University offers 18 master programs with thesis, 7 doctorate programs within the body of the Institute of Social Sciences and Institute of Science. Providing postgraduate education to 1,147 students in 25 postgraduate programs, our university has 391 quotas for postgraduate students for 2015-2016 academic year. 

In the Institute of Social Sciences, the Departments of;
- Economics,
- Business Administration
- History,
- Political Science and Public Administration (Political and Social Sciences),
- Philosophy and Religious Sciences,
- Islamic History and Arts,
- Basic Islamic Sciences,
- Physical Education and Sports (with the common protocol with 19 Mayıs University)
will accept 50 foreign students and 207 students in total to master programs;

- Economics,
- Business Administration
- Philosophy and Religious Sciences,
- Basic Islamic Sciences,
- Physical Education and Sports
will accept 33 foreign students and 81 students in total to doctorate programs.

In the Institute of Science, the Departments of;
- Physics,
- Biology,
- Chemistry,
- Chemical Engineering,
- Mechanical Engineering,
- Food Engineering,
- Mathematics
will accept 16 foreign students and 81 students in total to master programs;

- Mechanical Engineering,
- Chemical Engineering
will accept 5 foreign students and 22 students in total to doctorate programs.

We wait all the students meeting the requirements, the public officials working in public offices in our city, professional people working in various fields of private sector and businessman to our postgraduate programs for developing their professional knowledge, experience, career and sharing the extensive knowledge of our university.

Note: The applications to the programs will be between the dates of 10-14 August 2015. All the information including the application requirements and quotas are available on the websites of the institutes ( for the Institute of Social Sciences; for the Institute of Science).

Hitit University Rectorate
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