Registration Period of International Students is Starting

31 August 15

The registration period of the international students who applied for our university to study and have gained right to register as a result of the placement procedures is istarting. The registration will continue until September 4, 2015 Friday at 17: 00. In substitution for the students who have gained right to register but do not register, Acceptance Letter will be sent to the substitute students’ e-mail addresses as from September 8, 2015 Monday.

The registration procedures will be made in the Head of Student Affairs of Hitit University Rectorate.

Required Documents for Registration

  1. Original copy of high school diploma and “Certificate of Equivalence” received from T.R. Ministry of Education or T.R. Embassy in students’ countries,
  2. Original copy of transcript and a certified copy which is translated into Turkish,
  3. Original copy of Exam Result Document(For the candidates who have taken YÖS or International Exams)
  4. Official identity card or the presentation of the passport,
  5. Original copy of Turkish Language Proficiency Certificate Türkçe Dil Yeterlik Belgesinin aslı(If taken),
  6. 2 passport photograph,
  7. Bank receipt showing minimum 2000$ as Financial Assurance Amount to continue the education or a formal equivalent assurance document.
Hitit University Rectorate
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