European Entrepreneurship Encouragement Awards

24 March 16

The applications of European Entrepreneurship Encouragement Awards competition which has been organized under the sponsorship of European Commission.

20 April 2016 is the deadline for the award competition which is held in six categories and institutions/organizations developing models and programs for the development of entrepreneurship in national, regional and local levels.

A success award for each category and Jury Great Award for the most creative and inspiring entrepreneurship application will be given in the competition. The applications will be evaluated in terms of being original, innovative, reproducible and in terms of the contributions to the local economy and the development of local stakeholder relations.

To the competition;

  • Local, regional and national public institutions and organizations,
  • Public-private partnerships
  • Universities

will be able to apply.

The candidates who will apply to 2016 European Entrepreneurship Encouragement Awards are required to fill in the form in the website and send the forms to KOSGEB (Small and Medium Enterprises Development and Support Administration).

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