IT Services Presented to Our Students

21 September 16

Dear students who have just registered on our university,

From the moment you register on our university, a username and password is provided so that you can enter our information systems and use the technology more efficiently. In this way, we can connect to the student e-mail system, Hitit Wi-Fi which is in all campuses inside and outside and Hitit Cloud System. Below are some introductory information about these services. For more information, please visit IT Department in Rectorate Building.

Hitit E-mail

Student e-mail service is placed in web address. You can reach the entrance screen below by clicking student e-mail service in Hitit University webpage or writing this address to web browsers.

Each student registered on our university can benefit from this service. An address such as is provided to our students. Some announcement and news related to our university and our students are sent to these e-mail addresses by our university.

Wireless Internet (Hitit Wi-Fi)

Internet service with a wide coverage and quality is provided in our campuses inside and outside. All our students can benefit from this service.

To use this service, please connect to STUDENT network and write your Hitit email address as your username and password on the entrance screen shown in the figure above.

Cloud Service (Hitit Cloud)

New students registered on our university can benefit from a cloud area which has 5 GB storage capacity upon their request from IT Department.

The operations such as uploading files in a specific format on the internet to this storage space, sharing this file with people and groups and downloading files can be performed.

Hitit University IT Department Directorate

Hitit University Rectorate
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