2016-2017 Spring Term Applications for Master and Doctorate Programs

13 January 17

The applications for Master and Doctorate Programs will be accepted between the dates of 09-13 January 2017.

In the Institute of Social Sciences, the Departments of;

- Political Science and Public Administration (Political and Social Sciences – non- thesis),

will accept 85 students including 15 international students to master programs;

- Basic Islamic Sciences,

will accept 7 students including 14 international students to doctorate programs;

In the Institute of Science, the Departments of;

- Physics,

- Biology,

- Chemistry,

- Chemical Engineering,

- Mechanical Engineering,

- Food Engineering,

- Mathematics

will accept 42 students including 13 international students to master programs;

- Mechanical Engineering,

will accept 4  students including 2 international students to doctorate programs.

In the Institute of Health,

-Nursing (Thesis)

-Physical Education and Sports (Non-Thesis)

will accept 28 students including 1 international student to master programs.

We wait all the students meeting the requirements, the public officials working in public offices in our city, professional people working in various fields of private sector and businessman to our postgraduate programs for developing their professional knowledge, experience, career and sharing the extensive knowledge of our university. 

Hitit University Rectorate
Kuzey Kampüsü Çevre Yolu Bulvarı 19030 Çorum / TURKEY