Scientific Level at Our University with BAP Supports Rises Rapidly

22 January 18

The needs of the people who have to keep pace with the rapid change in the world are also changing, diversifying and therefore increasing in expectation. The need to know when these expectations are met is very important. Universities, which are the source of science, are now institutions that not only produce information with new generation approaches but also transfer this knowledge to collecting, blending the technological innovations with the academy to create industrial contribution and commercial value.

That is why there is a direct relationship between the development of universities and the development of their country. In this context, the universities really have great duties. The universities that take the name from the world and have a dynamic structure like all the living creatures in the universe are undoubtedly in need of them and the things to be done never end. Nevertheless, universities will always continue to function as leaders in the advancement of societies.

In particular, the University encourages R & D-oriented projects and strengthens university-industry collaboration. Through its Scientific Research Projects (BAP) Unit, it provides support to a wide range of projects.

Until now, with this special budget, we have provided support to very serious amount of scientific projects in our university. However, as stated in the "Regulation on the Procedures and Principles of Cooperation and Cooperation of Institutions and Institutions of the Ministry of Health and Related Institutions and the Related Units of the State Universities" published in the Official Gazette dated June 16, 2017 and numbered 30098, it is stated that among our university, "BAP Shares" for universal use only in BAP projects have been abolished.

Extensive efforts have been made to minimize this process as much as possible, and 123 projects were supported in 2017 with the new resources provided. The increase in the number of projects supported in the previous years is an indication of the importance of our academicians and universities for research and development.

In our university, since 2011, the BAP Unit has provided approximately 16.4 million TL support to 473 projects. With the addition of the 19010-National Research Project, which is effective from 2017, the project is supported in 10 different groups in our University.

This momentum in the productivity of the project has made a significant contribution to the rapid increase of the scientific level of our university. In particular, information and findings from projects are transformed into national and international publications that are a universal academic productivity and productivity indicator. In addition, publication studies are taken into account in the university rankings made by many institutions, and they are one of the most important and dominant factors.

In our university, URAP rankings, which were established after 2000, were ranked 41st in 2011. In 2017, 27 points increased to 14th among 77 universities. This rise is one of the most concrete indicators of the value of our university to education, knowledge, and research.

Our university is continuing to provide all possible support for research and development and scientific work in order to sustain this acceleration.

 Hitit University Rectorate

Hitit University Rectorate
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