Entrepreneurship Course Will Start in the Spring Semester

01 February 18

The Entrepreneurship Course is offered as an elective course to all foreign students in the Hitit University. This course is added to the curriculum of the Business Management Department at Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences. In addition, all other students will be able to choose this elective course. This course will be presented in English. The course is planned in English with all content and exams and Business Plan. Students who want to choose this course will be able to choose from the course list of the Business Management Department. It is necessary for them to apply to their Academic Advisor. The Department of Student Affairs has undertaken the necessary work to ensure that this course can be selected for other departments.

This course is designed to help students to provide understanding of the nature of enterprise and entrepreneurship and introduces the role of the entrepreneur, innovation and technology in the entrepreneurial process. In this course, students will learn different forms of business organizations including sole proprietorships, partnerships, corporations, joint ventures and not-for-profit enterprises. In addition to this, they also will learn environment of business, globalization, e-business and Internet as they affect national and international trade.

Students who complete the course will have learned the following sections.

  • The Concept of Entrepreneurship
  • Creativity and Innovation Approach with Business Idea Development
  • Creativity Exercises, Responsible Entrepreneurship Concept and Business Concept and Business Functions
  • Preparing Web Site for Entrepreneurship
  • Types of Business, Forms of Establishment and Business Functions, Market research and marketing plan and Small and Medium Industry Development Organization (KOSGEB) Expert Experiences and Knowledge Sharing
  • Business Functions (Production Plan and Management Plan)
  • Case Study on Business Plan Concept and its Owners
  • Workshop Studies for Business Model and Business Plan
  • Workshop Studies on Accounting and Financial Application Studies

Hitit University Rectorate
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