Support Program for High Technology Platforms from TÜBİTAK ARDEB (1004)

05 July 18

"Call for High Technology Platforms" was opened within the scope of TUBITAK Research Support Programs Department (ARDEB) within the framework of 1004 - Center of Excellence Support Program.

Targeted by the Call for High Technology Program; technology platform in which the research infrastructures of higher education institutions, private sector R & D design centers, and public R & D units can transfer the technology/products developed by the business association to the private sector. The projects covered by this call will be supported under defined, output-oriented targets and business association models to be developed for this.

Two phases are defined in the program:

In the first phase, it is expected that the cooperative network to be formed will prepare a strategic research program, in which a management model of cooperation platform with "Technology Acquisition Roadmap" containing critical steps for the use of the technology to be developed is expected.

In the second phase; R & D and innovation projects to be carried out in line with the aforementioned technology acquisition roadmap will be supported.

The proposals to be prepared for the call should be submitted to TÜBİTAK ARDEB by 28th September 2018.

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