Internationalization is rising rapidly in our University

09 December 14

Innovations that urge nearly all the people, institutions and establishments to make fundamental changes have affected higher education institutions deeply. As a result, educational activities are now considered not only within the local level but also within international arena. Internationalization has become a necessity for educational institutions to be able to make progress in the world and it is assumed that internationalization in higher education will continue dramatically.

Within the framework of such intense studies conducted in our university, many educational agreements have been signed with plenty of countries and various activities have been accomplished. These collaborations enable sharing information and experience mutually social and cultural interaction.

Our university has signed Bilateral Agreements with 50 universities from different countries worldwide, Mevlana Agreements with 42 universities and Erasmus+ Agreements with 25 universities. Within the framework of these agreements, student and academic staff exchange, placement mobility, organizing international events and mutual projects have been conducted with the partner universities.



Within the scope of student exchange, one of the main components of educational internationalization, the number of international students who prefer to study at our university is rising. The number has nearly reached 100 international students coming from 22 different countries in 3 continents within exchange programs.

Furthermore, our academicians have organized plenty of international events enabling information sharing in the scientific arena and also contributing to the introduction of our city and country. In accordance with this concept, our university has taken part in such international events as 34th International Excavation, Research and Archeometry Symposium, International İbn-i Haldun Symposium, 9th International Hittitology Congress,  International Conference on Economic Science and Business Administration (ICESBA) 2014, 3rd International Turkish World Economy Forum, International Symposium on Meskhetian Turks in the 70th year of Exile, International Students Festival, 4th International Turkish World Economy Forum, 2016 Intervarsity World Wrestling Championship, 2017 Europe Intervarsity Saloon Football Championship (Futsal-2017).

Internationalization studies that have completed so far will continue with the same pace.


Hitit University Rectorate
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