6 New International Partnerships

12 June 14

Having the motto of “Distinguished City, World University, Hitit University is determined to become an international university.

With its employment oriented academic programs, integration with the community, modern administration approaches and universal attitude, the university aims to share its experiences and facilities with international higher education institutions. In this sense, Hitit University is an active participant of Mevlana Exchange Program, which is granted by Turkish Higher Education Council. The university establishes partnerships with universities from different parts of the world and offers student and academic staff exchange within the scope of this program.

In this regard, Hitit University was among the 47 universities which were actively involved in Mevlana Exchange Program during 2013-2014 academic year. Although this program started in the spring of 2013, the university established 28 partnerships within the first year. Attemptes to increase the number of these agreements have turned out to be successful with the last 6 protocols signed with the universities from 6 different countries. Thus, Hitit University is in collaboration with 34 universities from 13 countries located in 3 continents.

New Agreements:

Albania: Aleksandër Moisiu University of Durrës

Iraq: Salahaddin University

Kyrgyzstan: Mahmud Kaşgari Barskani East University

Somali: Mogadishu University

Jordan: Yarmouk University

Yemen: Science and Technology University

Please visit the following web page to learn the details of the program.


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