Our university has been introduced to over 140 thousand students

12 January 15

Our university which attaches importance to promotional events  nationally and internationally has been introduced to over 140 thousand students by our academic and administrative staff participating in educational fairs organized all over Turkey.

Our university having participated in high school promotions and high education fairs in the year 2014 has met with 140.441 students in 12 different provinces, with 5.295 students in Denizli, 7.500 in Kocaeli, 2.500 in Yozgat, 6.048 in Trabzon, 8.200 in Kayseri, 16.851 in Ankara, 6.150 in Eskişehir, 9.418 in Bursa, 16.869 in İzmir, 4.354 in Şanlıurfa, 46.751 in İstanbul and 10.505 in Adana.

While many state and private universities take part in education fairs, being a student in “Hitit University” is told to students, parents and school counselors who visit our stand.

Our university as an institute which trains its students who have the technical equipment in their branches and the accumulation of knowledge meeting the needs of age  with world-class quality education has been the center of interest for students and school counselors with the renewed promotional materials every year.

In the stand of our university - making much of internationalisation in education - on which students, counselors and parents show great interest, introductory information is given about our university departments, programmes, quotas, points, scholarships to the students, part-time work opportunities, international student mobility, club activities. Additionally, detailed information on education and social life in our university is given to those interested in our university.

Our Rector Prof. Dr. Reha Metin Alkan says these promotional activities are crucial to increase preferability of our university and adds that our university which educate its students in the light of science, international standards goes from strength to strength

With its slogan “The Most Special State University”, aiming to be a student-centered university, Hitit University takes part in the national and international promotional activities in order that students who have high percentile points can study in our university. Rector Prof. Dr. Alkan thanks all academic and administrative staff who play a part in the activities to promote our university in different regions of our country.

Hitit University Rectorate
Kuzey Kampüsü Çevre Yolu Bulvarı 19030 Çorum / TURKEY