Scientific Bar is raising rapidly in our university with BAP (Scientific Research Projects) Supports

18 January 15

Scientific research projects and supports on this issue play an essential role to raise scientific productivity of universities in terms of quality and quantity. Our university which especially focuses on research and development (Ar-Ge) projects to put them into practice and cares much about university-sector collaboration supoorts in 7 different types of projects in vast amount through BAP Unit. Thanks to these supports, the number of project applications is raising day by day, more projects are carried out according to our potential.

While 14 projects with nearly 47,000 TL budget (approximately 3,500 TL per project) were supported in our university in 2010, today the amount of support given to a single project has reached nearly the total 2010 BAP budget and 97 projects have been supported with 4,914,922 TL for scientific and technological research carried out in our university by the end of November in 2014.

This momentum in the project productivity has contributed to the rapid rise of scientific trim of our university every day. In particular, the information and findings from the project are transformed into the publication which is an indicator of a universal academic productivity and efficiency. As is known, the most important and dominant factor in university rankings conducted by many institutions/organizations is the international publications of our academicians. 

Our university Rector Prof.Dr. Alkan says “In the 21th century world changing and transforming, universities founded in the city and even in the region should be the pioneer of social, cultural and commercial development for that city or region. Apart from preserving and increasing the excitement of students, intriguing, providing a dynamic education, universities should also contribute to the development of our country with the activities such as research and development works, finding technology and produce science.”

Believing in the idea ‘No excuse substitutes for success.’, Rector Prof.Dr. Alkan says that all kinds of scientific, academic and educational work environment considered as universal are available for those who want to study and are given any opportunity such as buildings, physical infrastructure, laboratories, IT infrastructure, library, project support, support for abroad, the opportunity to make international studies, employee rights, etc.  Our university Rector Prof.Dr. Alkan thanks all academicians who have been conducting projects which will promote our university in the national and international platforms while stating that the university supports every academician who will contribute to our country and the humanity with the works s/he will do. 

Hitit University Rectorate
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