Our University Producing Its Own Bread and 25% Decrease in Bakery Waste in the Last 1 Year

08 January 15

Plenty of projects have been developed to prevent wastes and economic loss which is waste-induced in different areas in the world and our country. With 12.000 various activities such as reducing wastage,  reuse of used products, recycling of the waste   “2014 Europe Waste Reduction Week” has been held in November 22-30, 2014 in 28 European Union member countries.

To raise concern about bread waste, “Bread Waste Prevention Campaign” began in January 17, 2013 in our  country where annual economic loss is 1,546 billion TL. Universities are one of the important pillars of this campaign which is initiated in order to reach all segments of the society.

Starting its preparations within our university in 2012 and  entering into service under the coordination of the Department of Food Engineering, Faculty of Engineering in June, 2013, Cereal Products Processing Technology Applications and Research Laboratory Bread Production Department has increased its social responsibility. Roll type bread produced in optimal hygiene and sanitation conditions and packed untouched is served to eat in the university dining halls.

Bread wastage in our university is prevented to a large extent in the production and consumption stages through planned production for the needs of daily bread, determining the appropriate weight in bread consumption for per person (50 g) and retarding staling by packaging of bread. When examining the differences between years – 1 year before June 2013 and 1 year after June 2013 – it is seen that 25% savings in bread consumption is provided.

In the last business day of the week, packaged breads which are not consumed are used in the production of meatball or etc. as a result of menus planned accordingly earlier in the week. In consequence of all these implementations, our university provides a saving of 100% in their own bread production and consumption chain in 2014 and significantly prevents the waste of bread. Besides reducing waste value, the consumption of “whole wheat bread" is promoted in order to gain the community more healthy eating habits via panels, seminars and etc. organized by the Department of Food Engineering.

Hitit University Rectorate
Kuzey Kampüsü Çevre Yolu Bulvarı 19030 Çorum / TURKEY