The Proceedings International İbn Haldun Symposium Colected Into a Book

08 October 15

The proceedings of the International İbn Haldun Symposium held in Çorum between the dates of 01-03 November, 2013 with the organization of our university and Çorum Municipality has been published by Çorum Municipality and Cultural Publications and collected into a book for the benefit of scientific world.

About 70 scholars from many countries such as Azerbaijan, Qatar, Jordan, Tunisia participated in the symposium. The ideas containing History, Philosophy, Sociology, Psychology, Economics, Music, Basic Islamic Sciences and Education of İbn Haldun who is one of the greatest philosophers of the Islamic World were analyzed in detail in this symposium.

Prof. Dr. Reha Metin ALKAN thanked all the participants and Çorum Municipality that made a big contribution to the symposium. Prof. Dr. Alkan also added that it would be a great honour for Hitit University to host these important meetings. 

Hitit University Rectorate

Hitit University Rectorate
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