Approval for the Program of Architectural Decorative Arts From HEC

28 December 15
Approval for the Program of Architectural Decorative Arts From HEC

Our request to open the program “Architectural Decorative Arts” in our university Technical Vocational School has been approved in accordance with 2547 Law No. 2880 amended by Law No. 7 / d-2 in the meeting of Higher Executive Board dated 16.12.2015.

Architectural Decorative Arts Program

The aim of this program is to keep technological and artistic developments in the field, implement building decoration materials after the design phase in interior and exterior architectural decoration art, bring proposals for a new decoration and protect the architectural structures which are our artistic and cultural values in accordance with the original architectural structure. Architectural Decorative Arts Program which can collaborate with History, Sociology and Art includes the subject of “restoration” which is a needed field in our country. The graduates of the program takes the title of “technician”.

While there were 52 associate degree programs, 39 undergraduate departments and 11 master's degree / doctorate program in 2011, the number of associate degree programs has reached 88 with Architectural Decorative Arts Program and the number of undergraduate programs reaches 66, the number of master's degree / doctorate programs reaches 25 within our university.

The number of undergraduate / graduate / post-graduate (master and doctorate) programs reaches 179 as of today with an increase of 76% which was 102 in 2011.

Hitit University Rectorate
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