Record High Level of Application for Postgraduate Programs

17 August 15

Applications to postgraduate programs have been more than expectations according to the results of applications this year.

For 13 programs in Social Sciences Institute, 8 of which are master’s degree (Economics, Business, History, Political Science and Public Administration, Philosophy and Religious Studies, Islamic History and Arts, Basic Islam Sciences, Physical Education and Sport) and 5 of which are doctorate programs (Economics, Management, Philosophy and Religious Studies, Basic Islam Sciences and Physical Education and Sports), 281 quotas were determined. 947 applications, 20 of which are international students’ applications have been made for these quotas. Regarding the number of applicants, it is seen that there is a 60% increase whem compared to the last year’s applications.  

For 9 programs in Science Institute, 7 of which are master’s degree (Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Food Engineering and Mathematics) and 2 of which are doctorate programs (Mechanical Engineering and Chemical Engineering), 103 quotas were determined. 65 applications, 2 of which are international students’ applications have been mad efor these quotas. Regarding the applications of last year’s in the Science Institute, a 300% increase is seen in this year’s applications.

Graduate students who have just finished their bachelor’s degree, senior government executives from our city and other cities in our country, civil servants and personnels from private sector showed intense interest to the programs in Social Science and Science Institute.

1015 applications in total, 22 of which are international have been made to our institutions. 268 of them are our university graduate students which is a notable issue. This year, the applications were received online.

While there were 10 postgraduate programs, 8 of which were master and 2 of which were doctorate programs within Social Sciences and Science Institutes in 2011, now the institutes give postgraduate education service in 22 programs, 15 of which are master’s degree and 7 of which are doctorate programs.

Hitit University Rectorate
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