2016 KPSS(Secondary Education Level) Exam Held

21 November 16
2016 KPSS(Secondary Education Level) Exam Held

2016 - Public Personnel Selection Examination (2016-KPSS/Secondary Education) which is the biggest test applied ever as one session by ÖSYM (Assessment Selection and Placement Center) Directorate was carried out in 20 November 2016 in our province with other 81 provinces and Nicosia. Almost 3 million 500 thousands candidates in our country – approximately 30.000 in our province attended the exam and almost 5.000 staff in 112 exam buildings were assigned in this exam in Çorum. 

KPSS Secondary / Associate Exam (Secondary Education);

KPSS Secondary / Associate Exam (Secondary Education) is an exam at the Secondary and Pre-Secondary level, which is being held for the first time to be assigned to public duties. 

Detailed information is placed in the website of ÖSYM.

Hitit University Rectorate
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