Our University's Studies for English Education

29 November 17

English, which is accepted as a common language of science and technology today, has a great proposition in terms of bringing the economic, social and cultural values ​​and scientific knowledge of our country to the universal scale and at the same time transferring the knowledge produced in the world to the local scale. For this reason, our universities, which continuously develop with the aim of being a world university, have started to work for giving 100% English education in our departments which have the criteria of opening an English program.

At our university, which attaches great importance to internationalization, the opening of English language programs will also provide an important opportunity to increase our international partnerships. It is expected that more students will benefit from Erasmus + and Mevlana Exchange Programs and increase the number of international students who prefer our university and international scientific projects. In addition, with the fact that departments / programs offering English education are more preferred today, it is anticipated that this rate will increase even more at the University.

In this framework, in the first stage of our university, studies on the opening of the Mathematics program with 100% English in the Faculty of Science and Literature, and the Political Science and Public Administration program in Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences which is in 100% English language are going on and it is aimed to add new innovations to these periods. The students who will study in these programs will start to study English preparatory class for 1 year and then take their education completely on foreign language.

Hitit University Rectorate

Hitit University Rectorate
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