National Will and Democracy Course at Hitit University

30 November 17

The University Senate decided to study "National Will and Democracy" in all of our education programs at associate degree and undergraduate level. This course aims at the scientific evaluation of the theories of democracy, the history of crime and the events of July 15th. In this context, students are required to have the necessary equipment for understanding and analyzing the causes of crime, democratic awareness and democracy.

It is important that everyone who lives in the society in democracies has a say in the administration. In this system, which is described as pluralism, every social segment is equipped with certain rights. In democracies, it is desired and encouraged that the people have a say in the administration. On the contrary, coup logic emerges as an attempt to seize the state with non-democratic, illegitimate means, or an attempt to shape politics in unjustified ways, by a small minority group acting "despite the public." Therefore, the primary objective of this initiative is to remove "democracy, which is the people's administration for the people". This is only possible with the construction of a sound idea of ​​democracy. Those who occupy an important place in our political life have suffered impossible damages, both material and moral compensation. On July 15th, the last coup attempt, our nation started to say ' stop' to a new coup with a great sense of nationality.

One of the most important events of recent history, July 15th, is a part of the tradition of pulsarism as an attempt to shape politics as a "minority". In order to prevent these and similar coup attempts in our country, it is necessary for our society to have a high awareness of democracy and a good examination of the history of beatings. Undoubtedly, the most recent treacherous attempt to be made on this issue will be achieved in the name of the future of our nationality, with the successful examination and analysis of the coup attempt of July 15th. With the consciousness that the "National Will and Democracy" course will be the beginning of this seminar in order to initiate the academic tradition of the subject, this university has taken this course to the curriculum of all education units of associate and undergraduate level.

Hitit University Rectorate

Hitit University Rectorate
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