Decline in Number of Students Per Instructor Continues

10 December 17

The number of undergraduate and graduate students per faculty member, one of the most important criteria for academic success and quality in higher education institutions, was shared by the University Ranking by Academic Performance (URAP) Research Laboratory. The average of Turkey is 33,1, and in the order of our university, it was 44th place with 26,67 students per faculty member.

Goal: Quality Growth

Hitit University, which has been working with qualitative growth aim before quantity, takes the quality phenomenon seriously and evaluates the results of the studies done by independent organizations. In the 2017 URAP rankings, our university has risen to the 71st place with an increase of 7 cents since last year, and it is ranked 2342 among some 25.000 higher education institutions in the world. According to the rankings of "Transparent Ranking: Top Universities by Google Scholar Citations", which is one of the most distinguished universities in the world, our citation count from 4844 to 6822 reached 40% increase in 2016. According to the results of GreenMetric 2016 World University Ranking, where our efforts in fighting global climate change, energy and water saving, waste recycling, green transportation and education for this target are evaluated in line with the goal of Green Campus, our university was ranked 3 rd among state universities.

Hitit University, which has progressed confidently towards becoming a "world university", has aimed to prepare young people in the best way for the future with its understanding of quality education, successful projects and researches it carries out. HİTÜ, which continuously updates its departments and programs in this direction, is equipped with up to 700 units, equipped with technological infrastructure in the most effective way, motivates its students with leadership, has a high potential to produce projects, broadcasts nationally and internationally and organizes academic activities. offers a successful and versatile future for academic staff and students.

In addition to education and training activities, HİTÜ has adopted as its most important mission to contribute to the humanity, territory, country and finally to all humanity with all the activities it has carried out, especially with the students who were educated.

Hitit University Rectorate

Hitit University Rectorate
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