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04 December 17

The Law on Occupational Health and Safety Law and Some Laws and Amendments to Decrees on the Law was adopted by the General Assembly of the Turkish Grand National Assembly on April 4, 2015 and enacted with the law number 6645. The Law also made important changes in Law No. 5544 on Vocational Qualifications.

One of the most important of these changes has undoubtedly been the profession that brought the obligation of the document, which closely related to the work and business world. According to the law; "Persons who are from dangerous and dangerous works and whose standards are published by the Vocational Qualifications Authority and which are specified in the communiqués to be issued by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security will not be able to employ persons who do not have a Vocational Qualification Certificate according to the principles set forth in the Vocational Qualifications Authority Law twelve months after the date of their notification.

According to the first communiqué published by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security on 25/05/2015, in the 40 professions, with the second communiqué which was published on 24/03/2016, in 8 professions, in the third sentence which was published on 26/09/2017, 33 professions, 81 the obligation to document in the profession has been initiated. In this context, persons who do not have VQA Vocational Qualification Certificate after twelve months from the date of publication of their related communiqués shall not be employed in these professions.

In this context, our university started to work. A preliminary contract has been signed with Vocational Qualification Authority to give Vocational Qualification Certificate in four professions including Wood Molder, Reinforced Concrete Iron, Concrete Worker, Construction Worker in the first stage. It has been accredited by the Turkish Accreditation Agency (TÜRKAK) on 16.08.2017. The necessary procedures will be completed with the Vocational Qualifications Authority (FMC) to become the Authorized Documentation Authority (YBK) in November, and from December 2017, it will start to issue Vocational Qualification Certificate in the related professions. If there is a demand, the scope will be extended to give the Vocational Qualification Certificate in the other 81 occupational areas.

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