Mobile Student Information System at HİTU!

16 January 18

Student Information System (HUBİS), which is prepared as a result of a great sacrifice by using our university's infrastructure, is serving our long-term students. Our staff who carry out the software maintains the necessary renewal and update work in a rapid manner taking into account all opinions and suggestions reached to our students and instructors in order to provide better service.

With the latest improvements and arrangements made on the system, it has become possible for our students to enter the system quickly, perform their enrollment via the system, fill in questionnaires and take other student services. According to the statistical data on the system users, a very large proportion (87%) of our students have access to the system via mobile phones. Our efforts to make our students enter the system smoothly in time and space where they wish via any mobile device will continue to increase as it is today. At the moment, our students can easily access the exam results through the android and IOS mobile software.

HUBİS automation system is a very intensive introduction; only 3,837,263 pages were displayed on the system within 12 days between 01-12 January 2018 and 30,000-40,000 log-ins per day. The access and viewing speed to the system is 2.99 seconds in a busy time and the response time of servers is very short in 0.33 seconds.

Hitit University Rectorate

Hitit University Rectorate
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