New Courses Added at Our Education Curriculum

17 January 18

Our efforts to add elective courses to the curricula of the programs are ongoing to increase the knowledge and skills in the social contexts where our students are interested and to ensure that the students in different programs come together. Within this scope, Alaca Avni Çelik Vocational School offers model airplanes and model airplanes for all curriculums of the programs within the scope of the program, Model Airplane and Model Aircraft Design, photography, Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) and biosafety for the improvement of visual perceptions and providing an artistic point of view in social and institutional life. Genetically Modified Organisms and Biosecurity courses were added as elective courses.

Model Air Vehicles and Model Aircraft Design

In its simplest form, model air vehicles are unmanned air vehicles for sportive and amateur purposes. The aerospace industry is one of the sectors with the highest added value and the most dynamic use of advanced technology. This sector, which is the most important food source R & D studies, needs the simultaneous work of many sciences. In addition, the sector has a structure that produces qualified labor force focused on employment. Students who take the Model Air Vehicle course will be able to design model airplanes using their theoretical knowledge as well as fly model airplanes they will build.


The purpose of photography education is to teach basic and advanced photographs to our aimed students, to teach objective types and properties, to use auxiliary equipments with light and correct exposure settings, interior and exterior shooting techniques, photoshop and important photography programs, composition and catching the moment.

Genetically Modified Organisms and Biosecurity

Although genetically modified organisms are used for a long time in areas such as the pharmaceutical industry, their use in the food industry is increasing the sensitivity and importance of consumers. The European Union is regulating regulations to ensure that the development of modern biotechnology, and in particular GMOs, proceeds in a safe environment. On the other hand, it is an undeniable fact that the understanding and debate of GMOs is necessary and inevitable when the issue is food safety. One of the most important concerns about GMOs is the possibility that transmitted genes jump into the natural plant pathway causing the loss of genetic diversity in the natural species in the environment, causing deviations in natural structures of wild species and disturbing species distribution and equilibrium in the ecosystem by promoting one-sided evolution.

In the light of the current importance of the mentioned issues, the courses mentioned for the students of all programs to be knowledgeable have been added to the course curriculum of Alaca Avni Çelik Vocational High School as an Elective course by the decision of Senatomuzun.

Hitit University Rectorate

Hitit University Rectorate
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