Our University Cares for Aviation Training

21 January 18

Our Rector Prof.Dr. Reha Metin Alkan came together with the teaching staff of Vocational High School for "Civil Aviation Transportation Management" meeting program.

During the meeting, Rector Prof. Dr. Reha Metin Alkan explained about the "Civil Aviation Management" program, which is one of the departments that we opened with the understanding of employment-oriented department. Taking into consideration the education and training approaches required by the current period, Rector emphasized that it is very important to open new employment-oriented programs. Dr. Alkan emphasized that they have opened a "Civil Aviation Management" program, which has a great employment area, drawing attention to the fact that the mobility is increasing at the national and international level depending on the technological developments in the world and the aviation sector is also in the foreground in this context.

"Students who graduate from this program in the world, along with the aforementioned section and Turkey, are readily employed by the relevant sections." said our rector referring to the importance of this program to the aviation industry.

Rector, who emphasized the importance of "Civil Aviation Transport Management" program with practical training and explaining the 3 + 1 Model which will be applied to all of our universities, said all of our students would be prepared for their professional lives in their sectors without any further graduation. In this context, thousands of graduates of our students will be different in their fields, they will stand out with their knowledge and skills. Prof. Dr. Alkan also introduced Cessna 185 Type aircraft, located at Ondokuz Mayıs University Aeronautics and Space Technology Application Research Center and donated to our University for use by the Turkish Armed Forces for training and demonstration purposes. It is placed in the Vocational High School Campus for use in the field of application.

Students will be able to actively examine the indicators, control and control equipment in the Cessna Type 185 aircraft, which are deployed to increase the awareness of the students by using the Basic Aircraft Information, Navigation and Assistants and Operation Performance in the Civil Aviation Transport Management Program of the Department of Transportation Services Department of Social Sciences Vocational School.

Hitit University Rectorate
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