Our University Gives Great Importance to Nutrition Services

25 January 18

Nutrition services in our university are one of the most important service areas for academic and administrative staff and students in the Department of Health, Culture and Sports. Nutrition aims to prepare a balanced and healthy nutrition program for each age individual's own nutritional items and to make healthy nutrition principles behavior in the life of the individual. From this point of view, the food menus in our university are prepared under the supervision of the Nutrition and Diet Expert in the Department of Health, Culture and Sports and the services are provided by trained cooks and staff.

In order to ensure that our students and staff are able to serve on healthy conditions, menus are regularly checked by academicians and dietitians appointed by the Rectorate, and the food halls are frequently hygienically inspected. At every stage of healthy nutrition service in our university; cleaning and hygiene of personnel, physical space, tools and equipment, preparation of foodstuffs, cooking according to the technique of food, service, the expiry of consumption and provision of food safety are carried out under the supervision of our dietician.

It is known that university students in our country have problems with adequate and balanced nutrition and they usually prefer unhealthy and fast prepared foods. The main reasons for the unhealthy nutrition of university students are financial problems, inadequate student dormitory conditions, males' incapability of cooking and social environments. At the beginning of the health problems faced by undergraduates of the university students are obesity, excessive weakness, and vitamin-mineral deficiencies. This is one of our fundamental goals, to move our students to a good quality and affordable price, to provide a clean and warm environment for our canteens and to provide them with nutrition services. Meals are prepared by looking at protein and calorie values in order to ensure adequate and balanced nutrition for students away from their homes. When menus are planned, the characteristics of the student group eating, the amount of calories needed and the seasonal characteristics are taken into account.

In our cafeteria we have 4 kinds of lunches for our students and evening meals are served at requested places. Taking into account the income situation of our students, we are provided with meals from 1.5 TL per meal without going to the price increase for years at the lowest level in terms of legislation. Nonetheless, students who can not afford to eat for economic reasons are trying to eat their meals free of charge by providing food scholarships. Acting on the assumption that students will not be able to eat their meals due to impossibilities, our Administration has provided 600 students with meal scholarships last year and this year, 650 students are offered free food with this scholarship.

Due to the fact that our education units are located in different campuses in our university, catering services are provided in each unit. With the new student and administrative/academic staff kitchens built and completed in the last 3-4 years in a modern style, together with the renewed/expanded dining halls, about 1,600 people can eat at the same time in all our units. At the same time, more than 3,000 people can receive catering services at the central dining hall on the North Campus, which is scheduled to be completed shortly.

During the period when our students are educated, about 2,000 students per day receive catering services. In our university, lunches of academic and administrative staff and students are prepared in the same kitchens and the same kind of food is served to the service. In line with the instructions of our Rector, all the food items required for the preparation of the menus planned are selected from the first quality products and high quality and healthy meal meals are provided to the students and the staff and the students are trying to give the best quality food and service.

Hitit University Rectorate

Hitit University Rectorate
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