Our Rector Came Together with Press Members

19 March 18

Our Rector Dr. Reha Metin Alkan came together with members of the press because of the 12th Anniversary of the University.

Our Rector speaking at the meeting said that he started his job in May 2011 adopting the view "the best of the people is beneficial to people" and stated that they focus on success without any excuse. Rector Professor. Dr. Alkan said that thanks to the project of our President Recep Tayyip Erdogan with the slogan of "A University at Each City", our university was founded and until today they show every effort from their hands in order to sign beautiful works.

Noting that the purpose is not only to make qualified buildings in 7 years, our Rector Professor. Dr. Alkan said that they were able to keep the success at a certain level. Hitit University produces its own energy, uses the first trigeneration system in Turkey, sections for employment, modern buildings, art classes, and expert lecturers in the area of Turkey's most preferred universities. Although Hitit University has been a young university for 11 years, it has become a training institution that has a very serious knowledge accumulation. Dr. Alkan, "Quality and employment-oriented universities in Turkey with an understanding we have managed to attract the attention of students from all over. We started with 8 thousand students in 2006 and we reached to 19 with 11 thousand students increase in 11 years. "

As a result of the intensive studies that started in 2011, the campus has been covered with great distances, Prof. Rector. Dr. Alkan said that in the construction works started in the center and districts in order to continue the education activities in better quality and comfortable conditions, many of the constructions were completed and the studies were carried out rapidly in consideration of the education and teaching approaches required by the age.

Now that the universities are not the only institutions where educational activities are carried out, Rector Prof. Dr. Alkan said that he believes that universities should work as a locomotive, contributing to the development of the city in which the project is located, even the region, in every sense. As Hitit University, Rapid Change and Transformation experienced in today's world, Innovation, R & D, design and branding should be given to act with the awareness of the voicing. "In this context, as Hitit University, we are continuing to work hard to transform our knowledge into practice, to make a drop on our behalf in order to be among the biggest economies of the world in the frame of our country's 2023, 2051 and 2071 targets. With this understanding, we are continuing to work with the understanding of "Being a university, not a university but success" by overcoming many difficulties brought about by the competitive environment that is manifested in higher education such as constantly growing with the extraordinary efforts of our university, academic and administrative staff,

Our Rector Dr. Alkan said, "The fact that our university has reached today is undoubtedly the product of synergies and collaborations we have created with our valuable academics and administrative staff. I sincerely thank all of our heartfelt people who have contributed to this achievement, who have contributed to the success of this achievement table, and who have contributed to our academic staff, administrative staff, students, graduates and universities by giving us financial and moral support. I wish our university to be grateful and thankful for our staff who have come to us today and who are not now among us, and I wish mercy on those who die. We would like to express our gratitude to our President Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan for his support to our universities.

Hitit University Rectorate
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