Significant Success at "Unhindered University" Awards

16 May 18

With the slogan "Access without Barriers" and "Disability-Free Education", it is aimed to raise awareness about the access of disabled people to places, educational opportunities and socio-cultural activities in higher education institutions and to promote good practices by "New CoHE" with "Undisabled Education Workshop".

In the workshop which the present situation of the services provided for the students with disabilities and the examples of good practices and discussing what can be done for the future are discussed in the context of higher education accessibility, Dr. M. A. Yekta Saraç, Necdet Ünüvar, Chairman of the Parliamentary Health, Family, Labor and Social Affairs Commission and some deputies at the commission, Deputy Minister of Family and Social Policy. Mehmet Karabay, CoHE Handicapped Student Working Group Executive and CoHE Executive Board Member Dr. Zeliha Koçak Tufan, Vice Rector on behalf of our university Dr. Nurcan Baykam and the Disability Student Unit Coordinator Dr. Lecturer Selen Özakar Akça, the rectors and faculty members of the universities and the disabled student unit leaders in universities participated.

Unhindered University Flags Available in 3 Categorized

Unhindered University Awards found their owners with the ceremony. As the "Student-Friendly New Higher Education Council", there are three categories of flag awards, namely "platform accessibility", "accessibility in education" and "accessibility in socio-cultural activities" for higher education institutions that have undertaken projects and projects that encourage the solution of the problems of the handicapped

Unhindered Program Engagement to Our University

Our university, which has made frequent mention of its activities in national and international arenas, has got  "Unhindered Program Engagement" which only three universitites in Turkey has with the slogan of "University without obstacles", the infrastructure works and the sensitivity it shows ."Unhandicapped Program Nomination" awarded to related programs of the universities was awarded to Alaca Avni Çelik Vocational School Food Technology Program.

Hitit University Takes Its Place Among the Most Awarded Universities

Hitit University Rectorate
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