The Traditional Iftar Program of Our University Held

31 May 18
The Traditional Iftar Program of Our University Held

The iftar program organized by our university each year traditionally took place with the participation of all the academic and administrative staff at the Vocational High School Campus's main cafeteria.

Meeting with our academic and administrative staff at the iftar dinner, the Rector Dr. Alkan said, "It is a pleasure to be together for a good occasion, to make iftar in our university restaurant. All of you are welcome," expressing gratitude for the iftar dinner program becoming traditional.

Our university grows and develops day by day. Dr. Alkan said, "The Greater Hitit family grows every day with their increasing physical space. The growth of our university will continue to increase together with their partnerships."

Emphasizing the significance of this synergy that is caught in our university, Dr. Alkan said "We have done very successful work together in the last period." thanking our colleagues for contributing to the development process of our university and contributing to the development process, and he said "I wish good Ramadan for everybody." After the iftar dinner in a beautiful environment, Rector Prof. Dr. Alkan chatted with the staff of our university.

Hitit University Rectorate
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