Disabled Awareness in Our University

30 September 18

Hitit University, with the aim of bringing people with disabilities to society, provides an environment which is supported with good and supportive resources for disabled students and works with an understanding that aims to eliminate the problems in front of their education and help them to develop their independence as individuals. In this context, the Department of Disabled Students' Unit Coordination was established in 2012 and makes every effort to create a secure and accessible university environment for all students with disabilities.

Unobstructed Access to Space

All buildings being constructed and completed in our university within the concept of Obstacle-free University are being built in order to meet the criteria of unobstructed access to the space including disabled parking spaces, accessible entrances, paved passageways with hallways of appropriate size, hallways and corridors, disabled lifts with illuminated and audible warnings, sensible routers, signboards with Braille alphabet and applications such as disabled toilets.

In order to provide accessibility in education, necessary arrangements are made for students with disabilities who enroll in Hitit University. Individualized education programs are organized for disabled students in line with the University Student's Disability Directive.

Necessary arrangements are made for students with disabilities who have enrolled in Hitit University in coordination with Disabled Students Unit. The coordinatorship provides the necessary steps for disability and organizes social activities, provides the necessary coordination for all activities for the disabled students, carries out awareness activities about disability, develops themselves socially for University-Çorum integration, makes use of the activities in our university and actively participates in these activities.

In addition, individualized information meetings are held for the students who report the disability reports of the Disabled Student Unit Representatives consisting of the instructors representing each education unit and the solutions are tried to be produced as soon as possible.

Facilities for Visually Impaired

In order to provide free services for the visually impaired, Hitit University has signed a contract with the Visually Impaired Technology and Education Laboratory (GETEM) and Hitit University, which were established within the body of Boğaziçi University and aimed to enable the visually impaired to have access to information sources. Those who would like to benefit from the GETEM library were contacted by the Central Library of the University and received a password from the GETEM Library.

Our University's Central Library has signed an agreement with the 2013 Platform for the Visually Impaired Libraries (GEKOP) to better serve our visually impaired readers. It was ensured that the visually impaired readers in the University and Çorum were able to benefit from the facilities provided by the GEKOP system with the password they received from the Central Library.

In addition, the University Library has a wide range of Audio Book archives for the visually impaired, and EYE-PAL, a device that allows you to listen to all printed sources with audio, and transfer them to CD or DVD, is also available. Visually impaired users can find thousands of sources in the University Library and transfer the materials they read to digital media.

Unimpeded University Award from CoHE to Our University

As a result of these studies, our university became one of the universities with the highest number of awards in the Barrier-Free Flag program, which was evaluated by the Turkish Higher Education Council (CoHE).

Hitit University Rectorate
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