Total of 1,191 Applications for Graduate Programs

07 September 18

An intense demand has been made to our university 2018-2019 Education-Training Yal Fall Semester Master and Ph.D. programs. Graduate School of Social Sciences has 3 programs with thesis (Banking and Finance, Business, Political Science and Public Administration), 9 programs with thesis (Banking and Finance, Economics, Business Administration, Political Science and Public Administration, History, Turkish Language and Literature, Philosophy and Religion 862 applications were made for a total of 16 programs, namely: Science, Islamic History and Arts and Basic Islamic Sciences, and 4 PhDs (Business, Philosophy and Religious Studies, Basic Islamic Sciences and Islamic History and Arts).

Biology, Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Food Engineering, Mathematics, Molecular Biology and Genetics, Forensic Sciences, Energy Systems Engineering, Business (Master of Science), Master of Science Health and Safety and Polymer Science and Technology) and 2 PhD (Mechanical Engineering and Chemistry).

In Health Sciences Institute, a total of 175 applications were made for a total of 4 programs, 1 in non-thesis masters (Physical Education and Sports), 2 in masters (Nursing, Physical Education and Sports) and 1 in PhD (Physical Education and Sports) .

According to these results, there were 1191 applications for 753 quotas in total of 5 graduate graduate, 23 thesis graduate and 7 doctorate programs in 3 institutes.

Hitit University Rectorate
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