3 New Graduate Programs Opened at the University

14 August 19

Our university attaches great importance to graduate education and continues its studies at full speed by adding new programs to its structure.

Within this framework, the Ph.D. program in Political Science within the Institute of Social Sciences, Human Resources Management and International Relations and Security Master's Thesis programs were opened to provide interdisciplinary education, and the total number of graduate programs at the university increased to 53.

The Number of PhD Program  has risen to 12 with Political Science

Political Science Ph.D. Program will contribute to the increase in the number of researchers and PhDs in scientific studies in our country.

At the same time, our program will provide our faculty members and graduate graduates with the opportunity to continue their career studies and will help to meet the demands of many institutions and organizations in our city.

2 New Graduate Programs to Social Sciences Institute

In order to provide interdisciplinary education to the Institute of Social Sciences of our university, the number of Master's programs has reached 41 with the Master of Science Program in Human Resources Management and International Relations and Security Thesis.

The Master's Program in Human Resources Management aims to direct human resources to development and social protection and to increase work and life satisfaction. With this understanding, the program aims to provide the necessary knowledge, competence, scientific research methods and culture to the prospective science specialists.

The Master of Science in International Relations and Security Program provides the scientific research needed by our country on issues such as global politics, foreign policy analysis, current international issues, contemporary security theories, intelligence studies, terrorism and terrorist organizations, migration and immigration, conflict analysis and peace studies. 

With the latest programs, there are 53 postgraduate programs, 12 of which are doctoral and 41 of which are postgraduate.

Hitit University Rectorate
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