Tick-Borne Disease Studies Application and Research Center Established at HITU

29 May 20

A research center has been established to carry out application and research activities on tick-borne diseases at Hitit University which aims to provide the highest level of added value to the region. Thus, the number of application and research centers at our University has reached 21. 

In Turkey, thousands of people are affected by tick-related diseases each year. The tick fauna in our country contains 47 species and 31 of them can accommodate people. Therefore, tick-borne diseases are increasingly important for animal and human health. 

In our application and research center, researches are planned which reveal the importance of arthropod vectors, especially ticks, and the problems caused by the diseases they transmit in terms of human and animal health and its socio-economic and socio-cultural aspects and find out the most appropriate methods to overcome these problems.  

The research center which will support all kinds of activities related to tick-borne diseases and tick infestations will also function to provide the necessary coordination within the university, to follow new technolgies and transfer these to Turkey and work to put them into practice, to establish laboratories needed in the workplace and equip these laboratories with high-tech devices and ensure their functionality. 

One-Health Model is to be Based 

The activities of the Center will include academicians, researchers and students in all departments and programs related to animal and human health, such as medicine, biology, veterinary medicine, with the thought that the single major occupation area of the One-Health phenomenon is to combat diseases that are transmitted from animals to people and closely related to public health.

The Application and Research Center, which is expected to provide important contributions to Çorum, which is located in an area where the tick and tick-borne diseases are endemic, especially the Crimean Congo Hemorrhagic Fever, aims to contribute to our undergraduate, graduate and doctoral graduates who are working  on issues such as public health, veterinary medicine, biology, health and preparing for the profession with a highly competent staff in the field of diagnosis and treatment. 

Hitit University Rectorate
Kuzey Kampüsü Çevre Yolu Bulvarı 19030 Çorum / TURKEY