Turkey Industry Strategy Document 2015-2018

30 August 15

Long-term vision of the strategy applied for Turkey industry has been determined as “being prime in the design and production of Afro-Eurasia for the medium-high and high-tech products”.

The general aim of the Turkey Industry Strategy including the years of 2015-2018 has been determined as “Increasing the efficiency and competitiveness of Turkish industry and accelerating the transformation of an industrial form which has more share in world exports, mainly produce high value added and high-tech products, has qualified labor force and is also sensitive to the environment and society”.

Intended for this vision and general aim, there are three main strategic targets;

Target 1: The development of high value-added home production based on knowledge and technology in the industry

Target 2: Ensuring the transformation of greener and more competitive industrial structure in which the resources are used efficiently

Target 3: Developing an industry which contributes social and regional development and has skilled labor

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