Registration Process of our New Students

04 August 15

The registration of our new students having the right for registration to any department of our university according to 2015-ÖSYS central placement results will be made in the Students Affairs Office in Rectorate building located in our North Campus between the dates of 03-07 August 2015. The candidates are supposed to apply in person and fulfill their registration procedures. The students who do not register through e-State or in person will lose their right for registration.

Preferring to register at our university through e-State, the students may register on the address with their e-State passwords without having to come to our university till 05 August 2015, Wednesday. The students who register in this way do not have to come to our university for registration process.

Our website ( ) created for our new students with the aim of providing useful information will serve our students with updated information all the time.

In accordance with the arrival hours of the planes, one-day bus service will be provided for the students coming to our city through Amasya/Samsun airway to register at our university in person on 03 August 2015. To benefit from free bus service, the students may contact with Hitit University Information Desk at the airport. Furthermore, Hitit University Information desks will be available at Çorum intercity bus terminal and city centre (near clock tower) between the dates of 03-07 August 2015


Hitit University Rectorate
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