Hittite Journal of Science and Engineering Magazine Scanned to TR Index

19 January 17

Hittite Journal of Science and Engineering (Hittite J. Sci. Eng.) which is our university's refereed journal on science and engineering and evaluated at the meeting of TUBITAK ULAKBİM Data Base Evaluation Committee dated 09.12.2016 and numbered 37 in the direction of the Magazine Evaluation Criteria provided the relevant criteria and indexing has been approved as of 2016. Thus, our magazine settled in TUBITAK ULAKBİM TR Index Engineering and Basic Science Database through the 19th place has shown an important success.

Condition of publishing in the magazines indexed within TÜBİTAK ULAKBİM TR index has been included among the application requirements of the associate professorship to be applied by the Inter-University Board Presidency starting from December 2016.

TÜBİTAK ULAKBİM TR Access to the list of currently indexed journals is available at http://cabim.ulakbim.gov.tr/en-dizin/tr-dizine-dizinlenen-dagi-listesi/.


Hitit University Rectorate
Kuzey Kampüsü Çevre Yolu Bulvarı 19030 Çorum / TURKEY