Our Disability Support Program Projects Receives Grant

21 January 13

Disability Support Program, which started in 2011, aims to raise awareness about disability and prevent disability by using the local sources in Middle Black Sea provinces. Within the scope of this program, our university poposed two projects which receives grant. 

The first project, Without Barriers to Share the Life, is coordinated by Inst. Nihal GÖKÇE from Sungurlu Vocational School and project partners are Sungurlu District Governorship, Çorum Directorate of National Education, Hitit University School of Health and Head of Çorum Handicap Association. It aims at raising the awareness of 6-10-year-old children in disability and preventing the possible prejudgements children might have against disability through seminars and different activities. The project, which costs 65721.52 TL, aims to reach 1200 students in Çorum and Sungurlu.

The second project, Need Analysis for the Handicapped Employment in Çorum, is coordinated by Inst. Doğan DEMİRCİ on behalf of Hitit University Rectorate. This Project aims at analysing the business firms’ attitude towards handicapped, gathering data about jobs with employment gap and bring about the professional perception of the handicapped. This Project, which has a 55.604 TL budget, will last 4 months.


Hitit University Rectorate
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