A first in our University: SAN-TEZ Project Support

10 February 15

SAN-TEZ (Industrial Thesis) Project of our university has been approved to get support within the context of Industrial Thesis (SAN-TEZ) Program aiming to make SMEs constituting an important part of our industry earn R&D and Innovation culture  and solve problems cooperatively using knowledge accumulated within the university .

The project, “Developing Polymeric Matrix Composites for Glass Polishing Felts” conducted by Assist. Prof. Dr. İbrahim Bilici from the Department of Chemical Engineering in the Faculty of Engineering and in cooperation with ETKA Synthesis Firm in Çorum has been granted support within the scope of  Turkish Republic Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology SAN-TEZ Program.

With the project, “Developing Polymeric Matrix Composites for Glass Polishing Felts”, it is aimed to produce glass polishing felts which are not produced in Turkey and a consumable in glass industry in Çorum as a result of R&D activities conducted with ETKA Synthesis Firm.

We concragulate our academicians and wish them continued success in their academic life. 

What is SAN-TEZ Program?

It involves the support, observation, conclusion and evaluation of the projects which include master and/ or doctorate thesis studies to institutionalize of the university-industry cooperation, to develop new product and/or production method to create added value for our country and contribute international competitiveness, to make innovation in existing product and/ or production method.

Please click here for the detailed information about Industry Thesis (SAN-TEZ) Program.

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