Yayınlanma Tarihi: 22 October 2021 Friday

Symposium on ‘Religious Ceremonies and Ceremonial Venues in Anatolia From the Hittites to the Present’

The symposium on ‘Religious Ceremonies and Ceremonial Sites in Anatolia From the Hittites to the Present’ will be held by our university on 10-11 December 2021.

The following topics will be discussed in the symposium;

- Religious symbols

- Music, musical instruments and musicians used in religious ceremonies

- Officials taking part in the ceremonies

- Venues where ceremonies are held

- Written sources containing religious ceremonies

- Reflections on Hittite religious ceremonies and Traditional Anatolian religious ceremonies from the perspective of unifying geography and geocultural memory

You can apply to the symposium by sending an abstract in Turkish and English (no more than 300 words) to dinitorenler@hitit.edu.tr until October 30, 2021. You can visit the symposium website, dinitorenler.hitit.edu.tr for filling out the abstract form and having more information about the symposium.


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