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Universities provide an excellent opportunity for students to discover and develop their hobbies and interests. Student groups are without a doubt the most crucial factor in creating this atmosphere. University student clubs, which function in a variety of fields from sports to music, from art to literature, not only enable students to socialize from the first year of school, but also provide a basis for students to develop new activities in their leisure time outside of classes.  Students engage not only in educational activities, but also in projects and technical trips, as well as social, cultural, artistic, and sporting events through active student clubs. These clubs are available in almost every subject  based on students' interests and are growing in number day by day and has now reached 100. Chess tournaments, football tournaments, tree-planting events, visits to cultural heritage sites and museums, and sports activities are among the activities of our 96 student clubs, which organize programs, events, and meetings on various subjects. Our institution regularly hosts symposiums, panels, conferences, and exhibitions, with programs specific to each academic year, as well as picnics and educational tours. It is believed that student activities provide opportunities for students to be involved in the life of the school and are an integral part of the education. The Sports Festival and the Spring Festival are very busy, with a week full of concerts, conferences and panels by famous artists. In addition, events such as volleyball and football tournaments between universities are held. Various faculties, schools, and institutes of our university publish cultural and scientific periodicals. The proceedings of organized conferences, symposiums, panels, and seminars are published as a book. All the activities held in our student clubs enable our students to have an intellectual perspective that will help them develop a multi-dimensional understanding of thinking, make common decisions, and act collaboratively. In short, it allows them to completely realize the importance of collaboration and establish strong relationships.


Kültür, Sanat Merkezleri ve Salonları:

Culture and Art Centers & Halls:


Our university has a Congress Center with four conference halls in which cultural and scientific events are organized.


Ethem Erkoç Conference Hall, with a capacity of 224 people

Prof. Dr. Ahmet Samsunlu Conference Hall, with a capacity of 80 people

Abdullah Tayyip Olçok Conference Hall, with a capacity of 77 people

Seydi Mebet Conference Hall, with a capacity of 44 people


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