Yayınlanma Tarihi: 07 May 2021 Friday

TUBITAK Support for Our Students' Projects in the Fields of Health, Machinery and Manufacturing Technologies

12 projects prepared by Hitit University students in the fields of health, machinery and manufacturing technologies have been granted support by the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK). Scientific evaluation results of 2020/2nd Term have been announced within the framework of 2209-A Research Projects for Supporting University Students.  Within the scope of the project, 15 projects from our university were prepared, and 12 projects, 6 of which are in the fields of Mechanical Engineering, 1 in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, 2 in Industrial Engineering, 3 in Molecular Biology and Genetics have been selected to receive support from TUBITAK. 

The selected Projects: “Investigation of Mechanical Properties of Bonded Joints with Different Connection Surface Areas Under Environmental Conditions Produced with Additive Manufacturing Technology"  of Chamberlain Tagni Fossi, one of the students of Hitit University Mechanical Engineering Department; "Increasing the Efficiency of a Solar Collector with Heat Storing Resistors" of Engin Haydar Bektaş; "Development of Lime-Alumina Based Mold Powders for Continuous Casting of High Aluminum Steels" of Büşra Kaya; "The Effect of Improving the Surface Quality of Products Produced with 3-D Printers on the Mechanical and Tribological Properties of the Products" of Uğurcan Çelik; “Development of Methods for Production of Large Size Parts with 3-D Printer” of Zeliha Örnek; "Development of a COVID-19 Distance Rule Warning System for Indoors with Image Processing Method" of Ceyda Özmen and Şevval Topçu from the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering; "Development of Covid-19 Vaccine Transport Bag” of Gaye Nur Başol from the Department of Industrial Engineering; "Estimation of the Friction Coefficient of Brake Linings Developed from Industrial Ceramic Waste Materials Using Artificial Neural Networks" of Zeynep Kaya and Zeynep Yücel; “Development of Alternative Methods for Determining Adulteration Made by Adding Carob Powder to Cocoa Powder” of Rama Abdülhamid and Esra Özel from the Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics; “Biocompatibility studies of Ceramic Reinforced Composite Mg alloys in artificial body solutions" of Yusuf Sağır, Hanife Çakal and Esma Elmacı; "Inhibition of Matrix Metalloproteases with a Natural Polyphenol Encapsulated to Gelatin Nanoparticles in Hypoxia in Colorectal Cancer” of Buket Uysal, Sena Nur Susamcı and Suzan Kübra Şahin, and “Geometric Optimization of Pneumatic Systems Used in Flour Feed Sector” of Mücahit Ebrar Çuluk. 

The projects above, which are developed by our students under the coordination of our university lecturers, our Project Coordination and Guidance Office and our Technology Transfer Office, are expected to yield significant advances in the fields of machinery, manufacturing and health technologies.


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