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Our Instructor Determined Turnip Juice Is The Most Effective Drink In Preventing Food Poisoning

In the research conducted at Hitit University, it was determined that turnip juice, which is among the soft drinks preferred by the Turkish people, is the most effective beverage against food poisoning.

Of the lecturers from Hitit University Engineering Faculty Food Engineering Department  Dr. Gizem Özlük Çilak studied the effects of coke, ayran and turnip juice, which are among the most commonly consumed beverages in Turkey, on bacteria that cause food-borne diseases.

In the study, in the case of food-borne pathogens found in the popular doner kebab in the simulated human stomach in the laboratory environment, it was analyzed which beverage and how much they should consume in order not to get sick. Within the scope of the analysis, the effects of ayran, coke and turnip juice, which are among the most consumed non-alcoholic beverages in Turkey, on many bacteria were tested. It has been concluded that the beverage that reduces the number of all food-borne bacteria ingested in the stomach to make people sick is the turnip juice.

Dr. Çilak, in her statement on the subject, pointed out that when looking at mass food poisonings, it was seen that some people who consumed the same food got sick and some people did not get sick, and said that they determined that one of the reasons for this was the type of beverage taken with the food containing bacteria.

Stating that until today, the effect of soft drinks against food poisoning has not been investigated, Dr. Cilak said:

“In our study within the scope of Hitit University Scientific Research Projects, we examined the effects of coke, ayran and turnip juice, which are the most widely consumed in our country, on bacteria that cause food-borne diseases, and their interaction with doner, which is also very popular among Turkish people. In our study, we reached the data that the beverage that may be the most effective in preventing food poisoning is turnip juice.”

“Turnip juice is more effective than coke and ayran”

Dr. Çilak stated that they determined that turnip juice is more effective than ayran and coke in the analysis of beverages that reduce the amount of food-borne pathogens that can make people sick, and said:

“Due to the antimicrobial properties of turnip juice, its high anthocyanin content and its acidity due to natural acids, it prevents food poisoning by fighting against microbes that enter the stomach with food. Again, we have seen that ayran and cola have a certain level of effect against these pathogens, but turnip juice is more effective than ayran or cola.”

“1 serving of turnip juice prevents poisoning”

Explaining in the study, they determined the amount of turnip juice that should be consumed in order to reduce the rate of food-borne bacteria at a level that would make people sick, to a level that would not cause disease. Cilak continued:

“When the data obtained are evaluated, one serving is enough to reduce the amount of turnip juice made and stored by us under controlled conditions to the number that will not make people sick as a result of ingestion of foodborne pathogens with food. In other words, about 300 milliliters of turnip juice prevents poisoning. These results revealed that turnip juice, whose benefits are widely known by the Turkish people, is also effective against poisoning. Of course, the point to be considered here is the production and storage conditions of turnip juice. It is necessary to consume turnip juice that is produced and stored in accordance with the Turkish Food Codex.”


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